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Young Money technologies are into the sourcing and distribution of ICT, Computers, Laptops & Accessories, Networking, Repairs & Installations, Cellphones & Accessories, CCTV Installations and Car Tracking Solutions

Our philosophy is based on the "going beyond what was asked for" theme. Our overall aim is to create a strong customer affinity that goes beyong retail and price point.

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Find out how vehicle tracking with Young Money Tech works in five easy steps. We'll give you an overview of what to do and what you will need.

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Why Choose Young Money Tech

In the pursuit of "going beyond what is asked for" we promise to provide our customers with an unmatched personalised service through initiatives of building a team of customer conscious personnel.

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Rely on Young Money Tech Tracking to deliver executive analytics directly to end customers on time and on budget.

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Start a chat, e-mail us your feedback or questions, or call our customer service and support hotlines.

Vehicle Privacy

We make all commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that personal information collected is protected against loss and unauthorized access.

How to use trackers?
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If you are operating a fleet of two or more vehicles, wish to improve the efficiency and safety of those vehicles, and have a passion to reach your customers more effectively and efficiently, then the answer is yes. GPS fleet vehicle tracking helps companies keep tabs on their vehicles and their drivers, so they can better maximize these assets to reach their customers and clients effectively. It also helps reduce fuel waste, improve maintenance practices and make customer service more positive.

How it Works

When it comes to GPS tracking systems, you have a number of choices available to you, but only one offers the comprehensive features combined with affordability that you will find with Track Your Truck.

Smart Tracking

Easy to use divices, apps and website to compliment yout daily tracking.

Free Consultation

If you have 1 or more vehicles you need to keep an eye, call us for free consultation.

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After consultation, bring your vehicle in for installation, training and device setup.

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Whether you manage a fleet of school buses, delivery and pickup vehicles, we can provide a tracking solution customized to meet your specific needs. The process is simple: Just give us a call, and we help you determine the best system for your business. You receive your devices fully tested and activated, complete with the GPS Monitor vehicle tracking application that brings all the vehicle data into one easy-to-use program..

Small Light Vehicle
$ 10 /month

Billed Annually or Monthly
$20 Installation Costs

Small cars and 12 volts cars tracker
Track your car , live location ,
play back , mileage travelled ,
vehicle cut off

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24 Volt Trucks
$ 10 /month

Billed Monthly plus
$10.00 Installation Fees

Trucks 24 volts cars Track your car ,
live location , play back ,
mileage travelled , vehicle cut off
fuel monitor , sound monitor and pictures

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Heavy Duty Vehicles
$ 500 /unit

$10.00 Monthly Subscriptions

No rentals on trackers

Trackers for trucks this comes
with a separate fuel monitoring system,
a camera and a microphone.

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Not sure where to start?

Fleet tracking is not a one-size-fits-all product, and we offer flexible plans to fit your needs. Beware of those companies offering "evergreen" contracts (auto-renew), as fleet tracking technology and the needs of your business are ever changing. What you need today may not fit your needs in the future.

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